Vehicle Investment: Collecting Personally

If you're an automotive investor that likes to mix financial investment with a considerable dose of emotional investment -  being able to drive your own fleet at will, a personal collection could be the best option for you. Read on to find out about the pros and cons.
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Why Invest In A Personal Car Collection?

Building a 'successful' personal collection for investment is entirely dependent on a few factors. Your objectives - balancing financial and emotional returns, expertise in selection and preservation, your financial means and access to the examples that best fit your strategy (at the right price).

You choose the cars

With a personal car collection, the decision-making rests entirely in your hands. Whether your focus is on maximising financial returns or pure driving enjoyment.

Buy / sell at the time that's right for you

You decide when to buy and when to sell your fleet. Perhaps someone has offered you a sum you can't say no to, you've found a better investment, it is your first investment or you're simply ready for a change.

Drive them whenever you like

Last but certainly not least, is the joy of driving your fleet. The freedom to take your vehicles out on the road whenever, wherever, and for as long as you desire.

Navigating The Costs Of Personal Car Collecting

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Hidden costs

Personal car collecting incurs a hidden cost—the opportunity cost of limiting potential returns. As underlined in a Credit Suisse Research Institute report, advising against the common pitfall of being swayed by personal preferences over data-driven decisions.

Not-so-hidden costs

Beyond the allure of personal collections, there are significant time and financial costs associated with storage, insurance, maintenance, repairs, servicing, market research, data analysis, acquisition, and sale of each asset.

The hassle-free solution

The Mach 1 Fund adopts a "results before romance" approach, concentrating solely on financial returns. With comprehensive asset protection and preservation factored-in. You’ll even become part of an active investor community.

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Less than 6% of vehicles pass our strict selection process for fund procurement or consignment sale.

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"Investing with CHROME TEMPLE brings together my passion for cars and my passion for business, with benefits way beyond the impressive investment returns – more than anything it feels like a club connecting like-minded individuals."
Sean / Investor / New South Wales
"The quality of the imagery and attention to detail in the marketing material plus the professionalism from the whole team gave me absolute peace of mind as an interstate buyer, I would buy or sell with CHROME TEMPLE anytime."
Kevin / Buyer / Queensland
"The service from the team at CHROME TEMPLE was excellent. Regular communication, plus updates on the settlement once the car sold made the process seamless and stress-free. I’d happily recommend CHROME TEMPLE."
Simon / Seller / Queensland

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