Vehicle Investment: Using Your SMSF

Did you know that you can invest your self-managed super fund in cars? Not only can you enjoy great returns with low volatility, you can choose between your own personal collection or having CHROME TEMPLE manage it all for you, within the Mach 1 Fund.
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Why Invest With Your SMSF?

As experts in vehicle investment and compliance, CHROME TEMPLE can offer in-depth guidance regarding investing your SMSF in cars. You can even choose to invest your SMSF in the Mach 1 Fund or your own personal collection.

Choose the Fund or your own collection

Embark on an investment journey as a Mach 1 Fund investor, enjoying a hands-free investment experience - allowing us to handle the hard work, compliance, and preservation on your behalf. Or take charge and build your private collection, where you call all the shots.

An enriching SMSF portfolio

Immerse yourself in an enriching experience by channeling your SMSF into the world of vehicle investment. Infusing superannuation fund diversification with your passion for automotive, becoming part of an active investor community and broadening your knowledge.

Enjoy great returns with low volatility

You really can have it all, diversifying your superannuation fund with an automotive passion asset in. Not only netting 11% net annualised returns5 (within the Mach 1 Fund), but also enjoying low-risk, low volatility <10%2.

Ways To Invest Your SMSF In Cars

Regardless of how you opt to invest your SMSF in vehicles - whether in the Fund or a personal collection, compliance mandates a focus on financial rather than emotional returns. In addition to certain protection and preservation measures.

Mach 1 Fund

The Mach 1 Fund takes care of everything for you, employing an expert team and data-driven approach to achieve ever greater returns. Delivering +37% net returns for investors since May 2021. With over $12 million in assets under secure management, the Fund ensures compliance to preservation and protection mandates. Furthermore, the economies of scale across the fleet contribute to cost reduction, ultimately bolstering and maximising returns.
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Personal Collection

For those who delight in absolute control, leveraging your SMSF to build a personal collection grants full autonomy, provided there's a data-backed rationale for your investment decisions. You'll apply your expertise in asset selection, leverage access to suitable examples, negotiate pricing, assess market timing, and oversee preservation and protection through: storage, servicing, maintenance and insurance coverage.
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Our Track Record

Whether you choose to invest your SMSF in the Fund or your own personal collection, below are just a few examples of individual vehicle investment returns over a given period.*

Held Assets

(for capital growth)6


Annualised return
11 Months held
74% Gross return


Annualised return
28 Months held
48% Gross return


Annualised return
5 Months held
47% Gross return


Annualised return
29 Months held
43% Gross return

Traded Assets

(realised returns)6


Annualised return
45 Days held
7% Gross return


Annualised return
88 Days held
12% Gross return


Annualised return
74 Days held
20% Gross return


Annualised return
161 Days held
25% Gross return

The Fund In Numbers

The Fund's data-driven and financial return focussed approach, continues to deliver for its investor community. Get in touch today to discuss investing in the Fund.


since May 20215


Net returns
since May 20215


Assets under



Your SMSF Consultation With CHROME TEMPLE

CHROME TEMPLE is dedicated to a personalised and consultative vehicle investment approach. Considering your financial goals, investment amount and compliance aspects. We'll carefully assess your personal situation and the options available to provide an appropriate SMSF investment recommendation.


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Why & How We Started CHROME TEMPLE, By Lex Pedersen
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What Others Have To Say About Us

"Investing with CHROME TEMPLE brings together my passion for cars and my passion for business, with benefits way beyond the impressive investment returns – more than anything it feels like a club connecting like-minded individuals."
Sean / Investor / New South Wales
"The quality of the imagery and attention to detail in the marketing material plus the professionalism from the whole team gave me absolute peace of mind as an interstate buyer, I would buy or sell with CHROME TEMPLE anytime."
Kevin / Buyer / Queensland
"The service from the team at CHROME TEMPLE was excellent. Regular communication, plus updates on the settlement once the car sold made the process seamless and stress-free. I’d happily recommend CHROME TEMPLE."
Simon / Seller / Queensland

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