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Indulge your automotive passions, become part of an active investor community and enjoy a stable investment that you can count on. With both resilience and returns combined, vehicle investment ticks all the boxes.
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Collectibles As An Integral Part Of Wealth Building

Passion assets, such as collectibles, offer a unique and enjoyable way to diversify your portfolio. The emotional connection to these automotive assets can enhance long-term commitment to the investment, making it a more fulfilling and engaging wealth-building strategy.


of the top 200 collectors are on the Forbes billionaires list today2


of UHNWI surveyed invest in collectibles2


recommended allocation of your portfolio to collectibles2

High Returns With Low Volatility

Car investment shines as a top performer with a remarkably low annualised volatility (<10%) and minimal market correlation, outpacing traditional assets such as real estate, commodities, and global equities. The outstanding 15-year returns (327%) even surpass other passion assets like wine and watches. Positioning cars as a robust and appreciating store of value.1,2


High returns over
the last 15-years1


Low volatility and
low market correlation2

Secure And Tangible Assets

Investing in cars offers a secure choice for wealth preservation and growth. Unlike intangible assets, cars possess intrinsic value, making them resistant to the risk of plummeting to zero.

With low volatility and consistent growth, cars stand out as resilient assets in the investment landscape.

This stability, paired with the potential for substantial returns, positions vehicle investment as a compelling option for those seeking both security and financial growth.
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What Propels Vehicle Investment Performance?

1. Rarity

The scarcity of limited-edition, high-performance cars contributes significantly to future value. Garnering attention from enthusiasts and investors alike, these assets inevitably become collectors' items.

2. Demand

Of course rarity, with regards to market forces, is nothing without popularity and demand. Contributing towards value are variables like provenance, specification, condition, history and more.

3. Allure

The onset of widespread electrification and hybridisation brings an end to analogue naturally aspirated vehicular experiences. The increasing allure and demand for viseral high-performance vehicles has never been greater.

4. Appreciation

Well-maintained, well-specified vehicles with outstanding provenance appreciate over time. The prime opportunity lies in securing the appropriate 'pre-classic' examples before their values accelerate.

How much could you have made?

If you invested $
years ago...

You'd have $

Calculation based on the CAGR of the CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund performance (AUD) since May 2021. Calculates are net of fees and expenses.

Our Track Record

Held Assets

(for capital growth)6


Annualised return
11 Months held
74% Gross return


Annualised return
28 Months held
48% Gross return


Annualised return
5 Months held
47% Gross return


Annualised return
29 Months held
43% Gross return

Traded Assets

(realised returns)6


Annualised return
45 Days held
7% Gross return


Annualised return
88 Days held
12% Gross return


Annualised return
74 Days held
20% Gross return


Annualised return
161 Days held
25% Gross return

No.1 For Vehicle Investment

Finding What's Right For You

Whether you're starting your vehicle investment journey or reviewing your vehicle investment strategy,CHROME TEMPLE are the experts on hand to discuss your options with you.

Vehicle selection

Market timing

Return focus

Preservation costs

Driving enjoyment


Mach 1 Fund

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Vehicle selection

Experts choose
You choose
Investment method dependent

Market timing

Experts choose
You choose
Investment method dependent

Return focus

Return maximisation
Financial & emotional investment
Results focus with a personal bias

Preservation costs

Low preservation fees
Higher preservation costs
Higher preservation costs

Driving enjoyment

Cannot be driven*
Drive when you like
Cannot be driven*


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