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Welcome to your CHROME TEMPLE investment journey - a fusion of passion and prudent choices. Explore diverse investment and funding options. Whenever you’re ready, engage with our investment experts to get started.
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Whether you're beginning your vehicle investment journey or reassessing your current strategy, CHROME TEMPLE is here with expert advice to discuss your options. Feel free to reach out whenever you're ready to start a conversation on investments that perform.

No. 1 For Vehicle Investment

CHROME TEMPLE is Australia's first vehicle investment fund and the leading experts in collective and personal vehicle investment.

Options Tailored To You

Our team of experts will find the right vehicle investment instrument for you to build a diverisifed portfolio with vehicles and funding options that fit your needs.

Data Led, Investment Grade

The latest market data underpins the acquisition and consignment of investment grade assets for Fund and personal investment.

A Powerful Passion Asset Class


15 year return1


Annual volatility2


Exceeding stock market3
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No.1 For Vehicle Investment

Finding What's Right For You

Various vehicle investment and funding options await you, and the CHROME TEMPLE Investments team is prepared to discuss these thoroughly during a comprehensive consultation. The table below provides a simplified overview for your reference.

Vehicle selection

Market timing

Return focus

Preservation costs

Driving enjoyment


Mach 1 Fund

Personal Collection

SMSF Funding

Vehicle selection

Experts choose
You choose
Investment method dependent

Market timing

Experts choose
You choose
Investment method dependent

Return focus

Return maximisation
Financial & emotional investment
Results focus with a personal bias

Preservation costs

Low preservation fees
Higher preservation costs
Higher preservation costs

Driving enjoyment

Cannot be driven*
Drive when you like
Cannot be driven*

The Investment Process

1. Consultation

Embark on your vehicle investment journey with a bespoke consultation. Our experts engage with you to understand your goals, preferences, and financial considerations.

2. Methodology

Post consultation, we present a tailored investment method. Whether you're focused on short-term gains or long-term portfolio growth, we have an investment opportunity that meets your objectives.

3. Funding

Explore various funding options that suit your investment capacity, including personal liquidity, assets and SMSF. We aim for flexibility and alignment with your goals.

4. Investment

With a solid plan in place and funding secured, we help you make the desired investment. Whether you choose to invest in the Mach 1 Fund or individual assets for a personal collection.

Our Selection Process

Less than 6% of vehicles pass our strict selection process for Fund procurement or consignment sale.

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A Simple View Of The Process

The CHROME TEMPLE team focuses on sourcing investment grade vehicle assets from prestigious global marques. Ensuring the right mix of ‘investment characteristics’, such as, the model, year, spec, rarity, popularity, condition etc.

Our investment team meticulously assesses assets, going beyond visual inspection and provenance verification. Through rigorous analysis with the latest market data, we create a detailed 'return profile,' considering financial and emotional returns, value trends, investment horizon, and preservation and maintenance costs.

The asset is then acquired by the Fund or consigned by retail for private individuals to purchase and add to their collection.
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