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WHERE Passion & Profit unitE

"CHROME TEMPLE helps you invest in Automotive Art via SMSF, our Mach 1 Fund and your own private collection. We deal exclusively in investment grade vehicles, in a passion asset class that celebrates flowing form, aural cacophony, creative expression, and engineering excellence.
Vehicle investment goes beyond financial gains; offering visceral experiences, moments of joy, and a shared spirit. Join us in this movement where passion and investment unite.

After all, life is too short for boring investments."

Ways To Invest

Whether you're searching to diversify your portfolio with uncorrelated financial uplift, unadulterated driving joy or an enriching blend, the CHROME TEMPLE team will help you to select the vehicle investments that best suit your needs.

Mach 1 Fund

Invest in the Mach 1 Fund, a curated collection of vehicles built on the collective knowledge and network of our dedicated automotive and financial experts.
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Personal Collection

Invest in your own personal collection by buying and selling automotive artworks outright.
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Find out the different ways you can rev your SMSF by investing in vehicles.
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Why Cars?

Investing in cars offers a unique blend of passion and the prospect of financial gain. With potential for high returns, low volatility, and the thrill of owning a secure and tangible asset.

High Returns

More than 327% return over the last 15-years1.

With Low Volatility

With less than 10% annual volatility2.

Leading the Market

x4 stock market returns and x1.7 passion asset returns3.

Mach 1 Fund Collection

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Buy & Invest

Sale price $350,000

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Manual

Share price $32,500

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Sale price $240,000

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS

Sale price $399,000

2014 Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary

Sale price $240,000

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS

Sale price $240,000

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS

Sale price $240,000

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS

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Australian car fund
launched, May 2021






since May 20215


Net returns
since May 20215


Vehicles inspected
are accepted
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Our Track Record

Held Assets

(for capital growth)6


Annualised return
11 Months held
74% Gross return


Annualised return
28 Months held
48% Gross return


Annualised return
5 Months held
47% Gross return


Annualised return
29 Months held
43% Gross return

Traded Assets

(realised returns)6


Annualised return
45 Days held
7% Gross return


Annualised return
88 Days held
12% Gross return


Annualised return
74 Days held
20% Gross return


Annualised return
161 Days held
25% Gross return

How much could you have made?

If you invested $
years ago...

You'd have $

Calculation based on the CAGR of the CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund performance (AUD) since May 2021. Calculates are net of fees and expenses.

Exclusive Community Access

Investing with CHROME TEMPLE isn't just about enriching returns, but exclusive access to a special community.Meet like minded people, learn from the experts, feel the road beneath your tyres and hit the apex.


Come together with likeminded investors to enjoy curated events, such as, collection viewings, expert workshops and premier motorsport.


Stretch your RPMs and taste buds with stunning driving tours, paired with the finest restaurants that Australia has to offer. CHROME TEMPLE Drive & Dine is a must do.


Ready to take your skills to the next step? The CHROME TEMPLE Ferrari 458 Challenge race car is waiting for you, with a team of professional racing drivers.


The Fund: Genesis
Why & How We Started CHROME TEMPLE, By Lex Pedersen
The Fund: Investment Thesis
The Perfect Storm For Value Creation
The Fund: Objective
Indulge Your Passions, Grow Your Wealth
The Fund: Acquisition Strategy
The Science Of Selection
The Fund: Governance & Oversight
Transparency, Fairness & Integrity
The Fund: Structure
Built To Inspire Trust

What Others Have To Say About Us

"Investing with CHROME TEMPLE brings together my passion for cars and my passion for business, with benefits way beyond the impressive investment returns – more than anything it feels like a club connecting like-minded individuals."
Sean / Investor / New South Wales
"The quality of the imagery and attention to detail in the marketing material plus the professionalism from the whole team gave me absolute peace of mind as an interstate buyer, I would buy or sell with CHROME TEMPLE anytime."
Kevin / Buyer / Queensland
"The service from the team at CHROME TEMPLE was excellent. Regular communication, plus updates on the settlement once the car sold made the process seamless and stress-free. I’d happily recommend CHROME TEMPLE."
Simon / Seller / Queensland

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