The Fund: Structure

May 15, 2024
Built To Inspire Trust

Structured For Success
In our previous 'The Fund Intro' blogs (Objective, Investment Thesis, Acquisition Strategy, we talk about how the CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund offers investors a unique opportunity to indulge your passion for performance cars while simultaneously growing your wealth - with particular emphasis on the importance of adopting a professional, ‘results-before-romance’ approach over a hobbyist collector's bias.

While the allure of automotive passion assets is undeniable, our professional commitment to a prudent investment strategy underscores the Fund's core identity as a truly viable and attractive investment vehicle.

The Fund's professional approach extends to our structure (which we'll detail below) and our Governance & 3rd Party Oversight, which you can read about in our next blog piece. By prioritising security, transparency, and integrity, we ensure that the Fund operates with the highest standards of excellence. From engaging experts in fund management and structure during the planning stages, to meticulously designing our governance framework, we are committed to adhering to industry best practices and delivering optimal outcomes for our investors. So join us as we explore the inner workings of the CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund and discover how its robust structure sets the stage for success.

Symphonic Balance
Think of our Fund's structure as a well balanced engine, where each part plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious whole. From the trustee to the custodian, the administrator to the investment manager, every player contributes to managing and safeguarding our investors' interests. By orchestrating these elements seamlessly, we create an environment where financial success can sustainably thrive.

Why This Structure Works
The appointment of a trustee and custodian isn't just a regulatory requirement – it's a strategic decision aimed at building investor trust by: enhancing investor protection, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, maintaining accurate record-keeping, promoting operational efficiency, and providing independent oversight.

Roles Defined
Each component of our structure plays a unique and crucial role in safeguarding investor interests and ensuring the Fund's success. The Trustee and Custodian ensure the security and oversight of assets, the Administrator manages the day-to-day operations, the Registry maintains investor records, and the Investment Manager steers the Fund toward financial success. Read on to find out more about each party.

Trustee: The Guardian Of Investor Interests
At the core of an investment fund structure is the Trustee, Specialised Investment and Lending Corporation Ltd, ACN 149 520 918, holder of AFSL number 407100 (“SILC”). The Trustee is a fiduciary appointment charged with overseeing the Fund and acting in the best interests of investors. The Trustee ensures compliance with the Fund's governing documents and regulatory requirements. They play a crucial role in safeguarding the assets held in trust for investors, providing an additional layer of protection and oversight.

Custodian: Safeguarding And Settling Assets
The Custodian (SILC) is responsible for the safekeeping and settlement of the Fund's assets. They hold the electronic records of securities, ensuring that the Fund's portfolio is accurately reflected. SILC also plays a key role in executing transactions, settling trades, and holding cash on behalf of the Fund. Their role is vital in maintaining the integrity and security of the Fund's assets.

Administrator: The Operational Backbone
The Fund’s Administrator (SILC Funds Administration Pty Ltd) is the operational backbone of the Fund. They handle day-to-day activities such as Fund accounting, financial reporting, and compliance monitoring. This includes calculating the Net Asset Value (NAV), processing investor subscriptions and redemptions, and ensuring that the Fund's operations run smoothly. Our Administrator plays a pivotal role in relieving the Investment Manager of administrative burdens, allowing the Investment Manager to focus on investment decisions.

Registry: Managing Investor Information
The registry manages the register of investors in the Fund. For the Fund this is managed by SILC Funds Administration Pty Ltd. They maintain accurate records of investor transactions, including subscriptions, redemptions, and changes in ownership. They are also the point of contact for investors, handling inquiries, distributing reports, and facilitating communication between the Fund and its investors. This role is crucial for maintaining transparent and efficient communication channels.

Investment Manager: Crafting The Portfolio Strategy
CHROME TEMPLE Investments (“CTi”) is the Fund’s investment manager. We are the most visible figure in the Fund Structure and are responsible for crafting and executing the Fund's investment strategy. With the support of the Investment Committee, we make decisions on asset allocation, asset selection, and overall portfolio management. Our expertise and track record are key factors to the success and wealth creation of the Fund.

Investment Committee: Conductors Of Strategic Prosperity
CTi’s Investment Committee plays a crucial role in the governance and decision-making processes of the Fund. Its primary responsibility is to provide oversight, strategic direction, and expert guidance on the Fund's investment activities. Composed of a group of seasoned experts, these maestros craft the Fund's investment policy, set strategic objectives, and make key decisions on asset allocation. Their expertise is crucial in selecting and overseeing the Investment Manager, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring that the Fund adheres to its predefined strategy.


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