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Australia's first and pre-eminent dedicated investment car fund - the Mach 1 Fund. The Mach 1 Fund is a managed investment unit trust that invests in a curated portfolio of last-of-the-line vehicles - built on the collective knowledge of financial and automotive experts, with the sole purpose of maximising financial returns for investors.
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The Fund In Numbers

With the CHROME TEMPLE Investments Mach 1 Fund (the “Fund” or “Mach 1 Fund”) our objective is simple: make returns from buying, holding and selling performance cars. By taking a data-driven unemotional and professional approach, the Fund aims to maximise returns while making automotive investments accessible to a larger audience.

Proven Results

Since launching in May 2021, the Fund has delivered investors +37% net returns, representing 11% net annual CAGR.5 With more than $12m of assets under management.4


since May 20215


Net returns
since May 20215


Assets under

A Data Driven Approach

To reach our investment goals, we identify cars that show the best relative value and growth prospects. We do that by using proprietary statistical models derived from millions of data points.

An Intro To The Fund

Fund Overview

Launched in May 2021, the Mach 1 Fund is the Australia's first vehicle investment fund. Open to wholesale investors and SMSF-compliant, the Fund takes a data-driven approach to maximising financial returns. All the while fostering an active investor community.

Investment Thesis

The Mach 1 Fund is uniquely positioned - as internal combustion engine cars make way for electrification and hybridisation - to secure the 'last of the line pre-classics', with V8/V10/V12 naturally aspirated engines and manual gearboxes, anticipating their destined rarity and sharp value rise.

Acquisition Strategy

The Fund acquires only the cars that positively exhibit multiple indicators of future classic status. With each vehicle undergoing a meticulous due diligence and inspection process. Of all the vehicles inspected, less than 6% will meet the Fund's acquisition criteria.

Our Track Record

Held Assets

(for capital growth)6


Annualised return
11 Months held
74% Gross return


Annualised return
28 Months held
48% Gross return


Annualised return
5 Months held
47% Gross return


Annualised return
29 Months held
43% Gross return

Traded Assets

(realised returns)6


Annualised return
45 Days held
7% Gross return


Annualised return
88 Days held
12% Gross return


Annualised return
74 Days held
20% Gross return


Annualised return
161 Days held
25% Gross return

Why Invest In The Fund?

Access to the best off-market examples

Fund portfolio managers cultivate relationships with some of the world’s greatest private vehicle collectors. Enabling timely acquisition and liquidation of the very best off-market examples.

Global & domestic data analysis

With unrivalled access to global and domestic market vehicle data. The research team consistently analyses which ‘last of the line’ vehicles to buy and sell, when and at what price.

Expertly preserved & protected

After procurement, preservation and protection are the largest costs. Insurance, storage, maintenance, servicing etc. The Fund’s fleet not only benefits from economies of scale, but also subsidised costs.

Less than 6% of vehicles pass our strict selection process for Fund acquisitions.

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The Steps To Becoming A Fund Investor

1. Consult

Our team will discuss your needs and intended investment value. We'll then help you to identify the most suitable investment method and funding option, answering any questions. You'll also receive a copy of the Mach 1 Fund information memorandum.

2. Apply

On proceeding with the Mach 1 Fund, you’ll complete an application to be reviewed by an external compliance team. The compliance team will confirm your information, including standard KYC, AML and PEP checks.

3. Invest

On application acceptance, you’ll receive a confirmation email, with bank details to transfer your investment. Unit pricing and allocation is completed on a quarterly basis, with an issuance certificate provided making you an official Fund unit holder.

4. Enjoy

As a Fund unit holder, you’ll be part of an active investor community. With investor-only events, chat group, newsletters, performance reports, Fund fleet updates, investor portal access. Plus annual tax, position and Fund financial statements.

A Few Of The Cars We've Invested In

Lamborghini Aventador
Aventador Ultimae
Investment Rationale
It’s a future classic in the making
Mercedes Mclaren SLR
McLaren SLR
Investment Rationale
A never to be repeated union of greats
Ferrari 812 Superfast
812 Superfast
Investment Rationale
Is this the last NA V12 Ferrari sports car?
Lamborghini Diablo
Investment Rationale
The antedote to electric & autonomous


The Fund: Objective
Indulge Your Passions, Grow Your Wealth
The Fund: Acquisition Strategy
The Science Of Selection
The Fund: Investment Thesis
The Perfect Storm For Value Creation
The Fund: Governance & Oversight
Transparency, Fairness & Integrity
The Fund: Information Memorandum
The Fundamentals Of The Fund
The Fund: Structure
Built To Inspire Trust

What Others Have To Say About Us

"Investing with CHROME TEMPLE brings together my passion for cars and my passion for business, with benefits way beyond the impressive investment returns – more than anything it feels like a club connecting like-minded individuals."
Sean / Investor / New South Wales
"The quality of the imagery and attention to detail in the marketing material plus the professionalism from the whole team gave me absolute peace of mind as an interstate buyer, I would buy or sell with CHROME TEMPLE anytime."
Kevin / Buyer / Queensland
"The service from the team at CHROME TEMPLE was excellent. Regular communication, plus updates on the settlement once the car sold made the process seamless and stress-free. I’d happily recommend CHROME TEMPLE."
Simon / Seller / Queensland

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